News – October 2021 – A Special Thank You Letter from Goff James

Hi, Dear Friends.

Welcome to October’s News Letter

Here we are again October has arrived. Autumn is upon us once more.

October weather-wise was very much better than that offered in August.

It has been a month of sunshine with a touch of chilled nights setting in. How quickly the months seem to fly.

That time of year thou mayst in me behold
When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang
Upon those boughs which shake against the cold,
Bare ruined choirs, where late the sweet birds sang

William Shakespeare (Extract from Sonnet 73)

The tenth month of the year continues to be a challenging one for all at home and across the world in so many ways. 

The ongoing pandemic continues to teach one to value life and freedom.

My little garden, continues to fill my days with continuing colour and joy. The days are however definitely getting shorter and the nights are becoming cooler. October’s colour palette darkens with Autumn’s multicoloured hues.

The phlox and alliums have shed their flowers. The fuchsias are at their finest and are joined by the sedums and Japanese anemones. 

Each in their own way are a buzz with bees. However very few butterflies have graced the garden. A handful of white butterflies have been seen. Hopefully all that will change before the frost arrives.

The rigorous routine of deadheading the roses throughout the summer continues to provide a great show.

Autumn is definitely making herself felt. The trees are slowly continuing to change colour, hedgerows are filling with scarlet berries.

Large gatherings of young sparrows gather daily at the birdbath. There is definitely a different and chillier hymn being sung.

October is one of the best months of the year with Halloween, stacks of Autumn leaves to jump into and it is even national pizza month!

The star sign of everyone born in October is either a Libra or a Scorpio. Libras are born between 23 September to 22 October and Scorpios are born between 23 October to 21 November.

Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac. The birthstone for Libra is the Opal known for bringing prosperity and personal power.

People born under the sign of Libra are represented by the scales that reflects their fixation on balance and harmony. However they also love excitement, new situations, adventure and the unusual.

Scorpio is the eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac. The birthstone for Scorpions is topaz. Scorpions are known for being strong, mysterious, ambitious, resourceful, brave, passionate and a true friend.

Happy Birthday Folks!

I would like to take this opportunity to continue to express a special note of appreciation to all of you who visit, follow and read my blog.

I also extend a very warm welcome to all new visitors, readers and followers.

To those many writers I follow an apology for not spending more time visiting and reading your valued blogs.

With a need to keep up to date with my gardening jobs, painting, going for walks, going to the gym, photography, reading and writing; each, in their turn, cut into the time available for blogging. My schedule is being constantly reviewed and amended.

For me reading and replying to all comments remains very important; as, does checking the numerous e-mails received. I set aside around about two hours each day to enable me to keep on top of this.

This amount of time really cuts into my time scheduling; so, to enable me to focus on my other many interests I continue to prioritise a maximum of ten e-mails each day to read and follow upThis strategy has certainly helped to free up more time for me.

I wish that I could read everyones posts. I am continuing to find, with my increased commitments, it ever more difficult to pay each of you regular visits; this is something that continues to bother me. I trust you all understand.

Over the last few months concerns have been raised regarding certain health issues that have become more concerning. I have had to have regular health checkups and continue to need such reviews.

So a point has has been reached where I have to listen very carefully to what my body is telling me and act seriously upon it and all the medical evidence and advice.

Gym sessions have been put on hold until my next review. So that will be replaced with more daily walks. Fingers crossed I will be back, physically and mentally, as good as new soon.

These issues have raised the need for me to consider reducing the number of my daily posts by some 50%. I am in the process of trying to decide which is the best way forwards.

All options are on the table. No final decision has been made as yet. All depends on the health reviews etc.. I may leave it to the end of the year or even early 2022; however, it maybe sooner than later.

I continue with my new venture of working on my first book of haiku poems.

I have to admit progress is rather slow. I have been busy writing, rewriting, drafting and redrafting the manuscript. It remains very much an on going project. A little slower than I originally anticipated.

I am still working on creating a cover design and I continue to trawl my archive of writings in an attempt to put the collection together.

Here are a few tasters.

I have decided to arrange the poems in no particular order or theme.

I am still trying to decide which will be the best way for me to publish.

I continue to be drawn to the idea of self publishing and releasing it as a download document or to publish it in instalments. This aspect remains very much up in the air.

Any advice would be truly appreciated.

Stay Well. Stay Safe. Stay Smiling.

Photos Attribution Goff James

Copyright (c) 2021 Goff James – All Rights Reserved 

Thank you for your visit

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Spotlight – Understanding Photography – A Beginner’s Guide – Movement and Light – An article by Goff James

Snap and Click

A simple introduction to photography.

IMGP9978a FB0

Understanding shutter speed and its use.  Shutter speed can be defined as long shutter speed equates with motion blur and that a fast shutter speed freezes movement. For a beginner that is quite a leap.


These two initial processes lead one into the realm of creative meaning and adds another dimension. Understanding the technicalities assists the photographic creative process.

IMGP9998a FB0

 Aperture speed  means controlling the amount of light which enters the camera; and, determines the depth of field which draws attention to the main subject of the image one is trying to create.

IMGP9984a FB0

There is also Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Depth of Field, DNG and RAW Files. This is quite a plunge into the deep end of the photography swimming pool for a beginner. It’s quite a leap from PICK, POINT, SNAP and CLICK !

IMGP9991a FB0

Remember that photography is about having fun with the whatever camera one has; and, one should not worry about trying to sort the theory out! There is always Auto Adjust Mode!!

IMGP9999 Adj Col Curva FB0

Don’t worry about the theory. Make mistakes. Have fun.

Happy Photography