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Spotlight Book Review – ‘The Sound of Brilliance’ by Ingrid

I Write Her

Huge shoutout to Ingrid for a wonderful review! Her continued love and support of our efforts is appreciated. THANK YOU!!

I’ve just finished readingThe Sound of Brilliance, an anthology of poems from ‘The Short of It’ series edited bySusi Bocks.As Susi herself states of the book:

This publication aims to find people with an interest and talent for micro-writing, whether their preferred form is poetry or stories, expressing themselves in 150 or fewer words. The other goal is to become an outlet for those desiring to read short bursts of meaningful expressions.

It’s a great idea, because many people lead hectic lifestyles, and can perhaps only spare a few minutes per day to read something at their leisure. Susi has curated this collection in such a way as to ensure that even the shortest time spent reading will be meaningful.

Featured authors


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Spotligh Poetry – Beginning, Middle, End – A poem by Susi Bocks (I Write Her)

I Write Her

by chance
life begins amongst strangers
a start of birthed possibilities
propelled without consent

entering this world
substantive expectations spur entities on
with an unconscious hope for empathy and guidance

yet living is a potluck
one possibly enjoyed
but for them
probably not

filled with variables beyond their control
with only but a few moments
bent favorably in their direction

too soon
the barely living
trudge towards the inevitable
a half-achieved existence for most

with regret
many pass
with tears
they leave in agony
their death
the unfortunate finish they’d not hoped for

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Spotlight Writing Challenge – Should you submit to The Short of It? – Hosted by Susi Bocks (I Write Her)

The Sound of Brilliance

Available on Amazon NOW!

I Write Her

That would be a resounding YES!

In just a few months, I will be accepting submissions again. July 1st is right around the corner and the window of opportunity will close on 12/31/21. If you intend to send in your work, PLEASE read the submission guidelines first as they have changed from the previous submission period. I encourage you to read the featured artists from 2020 to get a feel for the work I am looking for to highlight in 2022. January 7th will lead us off and every Friday thereafter, you’ll be fortunate to read another exquisite poet or writer. If you haven’t subscribed to MailChimp to stay up to date, please sign up on the submissions guidelines page.

If you’d like to hear some of the poet interviews and readings of their work, please subscribe to my newly created YouTube Channel. Click here to be redirected. There isn’t…

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Spotlight Featuring – The Sound of Brilliance by Susi Bocks (Author) – A must have to add to your collection – Available on Amazon Now

Eugi's Causerie

Introducing the first anthology produced by The Short of It. This anthology features the brilliant work of 41 poets and writers. The pieces within these pages are the best of those submitted and showcased on The Short of It online magazine.

The Short of It is the brainchild of none other than our fellow blogger, Susi Bocks, of I Write Her.

I am proud to present the “best of the best.

The anthology contains 120 pieces in a variety of forms and styles. They are astute observations about living, emotions, and our world. I hope they will leave you sighing, as they did me, having been touched by the artistry in every writer’s words. I know they gave me many deep impressions with their sweet succinctness.

For those interested in being featured on The Short of It, it will open for submissions on July 1st! I look forward…

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