Spotlight Poetry – The Metamorphosis – A Poem by Charles Tomlinson

The image depicts a painting titled Bluebell Wood by the artist Nicolette Moglia. The work is a realistic landscape painting of a bluebell wood. The image supports the poem The Metamorphosis written by the poet Charles Tomlinson.
© Nicolette Moglia, Bluebell Wood, 2021

The Metamorphosis by Charles Tomlinson

Bluebells come crowding a fellside
A stream once veined.
It rises
Like water again where, bell on bell,
They flow through its bed, each rope
And rivulet, each tributary thread
Found-out by flowers.
And not the slope
Alone, runs with this imaginary water:
Marshes and pools of it stay
On the valley-floor, fed (so the eye would say)
From the same store and streamed.

Like water, too, this blueness not all blue
Goes ravelled with ground shades, grass and stem,
As the wind dishevels and strokes it open;
So that the mind, in salutary confusion,

Surrendering up its powers to the illusion,
Could, swimming in metamorphoses, believe
Water itself might move like a flowing of flowers.

Poem Attribution © Charles Tomlinson, The Metamorphsis

Source Attribution The Language of Flowers, Ed. Jane Holloway, Pub. Alfred A. Knopf

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Painting Attribution © Nicolette Moglia, Bluebell Wood, 2021

Source Attribution

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