Spotlight Poetry – A collection of Poems by Jane Ayres

I Write Her

these shiny gifts

we always tell stories
things that shine
– allure –
a lure for
those who
let daydreams be poems
& poems daydreams


you were
lilac and yellow freesias
warm sugared milk
maternal love

estuary whispers

there are years of wasps
& years of
but most of the time
life stings

unleashing shadows

the consultant said a shadow was showing on the scan
try not to worry
we tried
but once the words were out
veiled darkness began seeping
growing greedy
birthing shadow spawn & we knew
from now on
there would always be shadows

a moment

sitting with grief that twists   
I pause   
             - a sip of strong coffee   
             - a bite of whisky-infused chocolate    
             (redundant birthday gift)    
you are still here   
& I am    


New life

We can keep trying, he says. We won’t…

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Spotlight Poetry Update – The Short of It – LAST CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! – Susi Bocks – I Write Her

I Write Her

December 31st is the deadline for next year’s features. Don’t put off getting your pieces in any longer!

For submission guidelines, please CLICK HERE. Please make sure you follow them to ensure your work is read. I’m anxiously awaiting your exquisite thoughts!!

To all those whose work is selected, they will be featured online in 2022 and perhaps in the 2nd Volume Anthology slated for 2023. But it won’t happen unless you submit!

For those who haven’t picked up a copy of Volume 1 yet, click on the link below the image to purchase it!

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Newsflash Poetry and Writing Spotlight – The Short of It Pushcart Prize Nominations

I Write Her

carte blanche - Pushcart Prize News! - carte blanche

Since the beginning, my goal has been to promote the work of poets and writers with a gift for expression in a minute fashion. I’m thankful that this reputable organization exists to help further that effort.

I am very happy to announce the following poets’ pieces were submitted to the Pushcart Prize Committee. Those selected were nominated for their contributions to the Sound of Brilliance Anthology—a collection of the best featured on the online publication. It was so hard to trim it down to only six pieces as the contributions were already the best of the best!

So, please give a round of applause and wish them the best!

Scars by Goff James

Silence by Lisa Tomey

Sailing by Freya Pickard

Thunderstorm Conversations by Ali Grimshaw

Fulfillment by Marisela Brazfield

A Monarch Task by Anita Neal

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Spotlight Writing Challenge – July 1 is almost here! :) – The Short of It – Hosted by Susi Bocks @ I Write Her

I Write Her

Just a reminder all you micro-poets and short, short story writers! The Short of It will be open to submissions from July 1 thru December 31, 2021. All selected pieces from this year will be featured in 2022.


I look forward to seeing previous favorites and a large influx of new talent!

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