A Post Is Just A Post #1 – A poem by TheMysteryBlogger and a poem by Goff James

© Becky Roesler, Paranoia Strikes Deep

These two contrasting pieces of writing came about through an interesting conversation, using the comments box, between myself and TheMysteriousBlogger.

It was decided to collaborate and create our separate responses based upon those exchanges.

A post is just a post by TheMysteryBlogger

A post is just a post by Goff James

Poem Credits © goffjamesart/photography/poetry – TheMysteriousBlogger

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Image Credit © Becky Roesler, Paranoia Strikes Deep, (Date Unstated)

Source Credit https://www.saatchiart.com/art/Painting-Paranoia-Strikes-Deep/727254/3660584/view