Showcase Writing – ‘Dream’ – A short story by Honoré Dupuis – Published by Sue Vincent (Daily Echo)

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

They were back, still in a daze, amazed at the colours, the air, the clouds. She took his hand, in silence, knowing he could not be reached, yet. Was this real? Or was it a dream, another dream? If it was, then she did not want to wake him up, or herself. Not now.

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Showcase Writing – ‘Arsee’s Tale, 26’ – A short story by Riddhi Chitalia

Thinking Chitalia

“You have been doing my makeup since i was a struggling actor. Today i am a star and important people have invited me for a party. But you don’t seem happy?”

The aging makeup man smiled, “Of course i am happy.”

The star wasn’t convinced, “Don’t lie!”

The makeup man smiled a sad smile, “The ones who call you after success won’t after failure. If you give them the power to respect you today, you are giving them the power to disrespect you some day.”

The star stared into the mirror a long time. He knew his makeup man had been a father to him again.”

– Arsee.

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Showcase Writing – ‘Punching Away Cloudy Days’ – A short story by Dave Madden – Published by Sue Vincent (Daily Echo)

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The team’s training session outside was on its final round, ending just before the storm rolled in.

It was a great workout for the day. Brian’s teammate, Roland, had nothing but encouraging words to say about how he’d perform in his upcoming fight. All this felt bright and positive when the sun was shining down upon their skin; however, the darkened skies cast shadows of doubt on Brian’s spirits.

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