Stan (3/9)

Stan 3:9 FB0

Goff James, Stan (3/9), 2017


Stan it’s cold in here

No it ain’t

Come on in gal

Give the door a bang behind you

Still raining

Got wet then

Sorry I’m late

Ise gets used to it

Damn weather

Put brolly in corner


Stan it’s cold in here

What’s you got for me t’day

Chicken dinner and veg

I ‘ates veg

Veg’s good for you

No it aint

Ice cream and jelly

I ‘ates jelly

Come on in gal

How’s Eedie ’cross corridor


Stan it’s cold in here

Rain rain rain rain rain rain rain

Drainpipe’s al’ays pissin’

Listen to it gal

Drip drip drip drip drip drip drip

Bloody tap’s drivin’ me mad ’swell


How you feeling


Tas yesterday

Dawn’s Symphony


G.James, Dawn’s Symphony, 2017

Night’s dark curtain folds.

Storm strewn street rain soaked washed.

Morn’s first light ignites.


Cock’rel’s trumpet loudly greets

Daylight’s waking symphony.


Sun subdued appears.

Blackbird’s quavered piping heard.

Sparrows’ chatt’ring cheer.


Greedy gulls sore throated mock

Daylight’s waking symphony.


Dawn and chorus share

Robin’s roundelay most fair.

Day emboldened breaks.


Doves’ song, sunrise celebrates,

Daylight’s waking symphony.


Night’s shadows dispersed.

Morn’s advent harmonious rings.

From sleep’s depths I wake.


Life refreshed I rise and breathe

Daylight’s waking symphony.