Spotlight – Spring Selection – Poetry, a poem by William Blake


Spring is not one of William Blake’s most famous poems but is probably one of his most accessible. The poem was first published in Blake’s 1789 collection Songs of Innocence. It’s a celebration of the arrival of Spring and explores the harmony of man with the natural world.

Spring pays reference to Blake’s popular themes of childhood, innocence, and nature. The poem is imbued with a simplicity of rhyme and language and in it he plays with rhythms and three-syllable lines. The poem is very childlike and songlike in nature.

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Poem Credit © William Blake

Source Credit

Spotlight – Spring Selection – Art, a painting by Katsushiki Hokusai

Bullfinch and Weeping Cherry, 1834

Bullfinch and Weeping Cherry is another of my favourite images.The print depicts a branch of cherry coming into bloom. A bullfinch is perched on a branch, against a background of rich, Prussian Blue.The image captures a fleeting moment in time that is imbued with a sense of silence and stillness that is totally meditative.

Katsushiki Hokusai was one of the greatest of all Japanese woodblock painters. Cherry blossom is synonymous with the coming of Springtime. Cherry blossom as a symbol relates to the transitory nature of all things,

The words written on the Prussian Blue background a re a Haiku written by Setsuman.

‘A single bird emerges, drenched by dew, from morning cherry blossom’

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Image Credit © Katsushiki Hokusai, Bullfinch and Weeping Cherry, 1834

Source Credit

The Ashes of Love – Haiku, a poem by Goff James

Poem Credit © goffjamesart/photography/poetry

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Image Credit © Oskar Kokoschka, Bride of the Wind, 1913

Source Credit,_oil_on_canvas_painting_by_Oskar_Kokoschka,_a_self-portrait_

BLOGLETTER – Art, Photography, Poetry

Issue 2 (March 23, 2019) features some of my personal favourite posts. This week’s issue includes some fellow bloggers shared posts and likes as well as a discussion about Blog formatting.


Art – Penyfan, 2019

Goff James, Penyfan 2019

Penyfan was created from a sketch after a walk in the countryside surrounding the mountains in the Brecon Beacons. I loved the colours made by the splashes of sunlight that came and went as I sketched.

Photography – Without Words 159, 2019

Goff James, Without Words 159, 2019

This photograph was taken, early in the year, near Roald Dahl Plass, Cardiff Bay on a similar kind of day as the painting of Penyfan. In the background stands the Wales Millenium Centre. I spent the whole afternoon people watching.

Poetry – Masks, 2019

Image © Sandra Silberzweig, Tribal Batik Mask Spiritual, (Date Unstated)

Masks was a poem inspired by the thoughts and writing of fellow blogger Beckie Cutler at Beckie’s Mental Mess. Many thanks to Beckie for the inspiration.

Haiku – The Prisoner

Image © Charles M Williams, Use 2b So Ez – Alzheimer’s Green Chair – The Long Good-bye, (Date Unstated)

The Prisoner was the most popular Haiku with you this week. A poem of remembrance of family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances who are or have had experience of this cruel condition.

Share Box – Joshi Daniel, Vibrant, 2019

© Joshi Daniel, Vibrant, 2019

The final selection from my Share Box was a very subjective, difficult and close run thing. I had to choose between three excellent images Divya NavinRaj’s – Fawn (Cutie Pie), Golu Lodhi’s – Flowers and Joshi Daniel’s – Vibrant. It was the child’s penetrating eyes and impish smile that won the day for me. What would your choice have been?

In Issue 1 (March, 16) I raised issues regarding BLOG versus NEWSLETTER. This week another issue about blogging format has arisen.

My Blog covers three areas – Art, Photography and Poetry. The blog is a platform reflecting my interests and a journey of discovery exploring a personal creative world. It is about sharing, with you, an eclectic mixture of art, photography, poetry and writing.

However having read many interesting articles about blogging and in particular ones about how many topics should a Blog be concerned with raised by Cristian Mihai in The Art of Blogging. Consequently I have had to confront another dilemma regarding my own Blog. I have undertaken some focussed analysis and reviewing with regards to the matter. I’ve asked myself many questions about format and presentation.


The question is whether one format is better than the other.

What are your thoughts on such matters?

Should ones Blog relate to just one topic or more than one?

Which type of blog is your preference? Those which tackle one specific interest area or those which are a bit more eclectic?

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