Art Plus – The Dance – A painting by André Derain

The Dance

Rhythms of the wild
Pure colours and brushstrokes dance
The music of art

The Dance, 1906 painted by André Derain. The painting reflects Derain’s eclectic style and interest in a variety of Western and non-Western artistic traditions. The artist combines several influences in The Dance, Paul Gauguin’s influence is the most dominant.

Most evidently, the exotic elements and landscape in The Dance relate to Gauguin’s Tahitian paintings that celebrated the lush, tropical environment. Derain even borrows some elements from Gauguin’s symbolism, such as the long serpent intertwined between the dancing figures.

Poem Attribution © Goff James, The Dance

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Painting Attribution © Andre Derain, The Dance, 1906

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Showcase Poetry – Poems by Stephen W. Buchanan – published in The Short of It – I Write Her

I Write Her

Mixed Emotions

I thought you could,
I don’t know why,
but there you stood
watching me cry.
Not wanting to,
I wanted you
to see in me.

Sweet Little Lies

The lies you tell
smell oh, so sweet
That’s just as well
since I’m no treat
Unhappy pair
going nowhere
We made our shade

Seeing the Void

upon my soul
left from the toll
of losing you
Or seeming to
in screams of dreams


Stephen W. Buchanan enjoys writing poetry, especially in the ha’sonnet form. He publishes his ha’sonnets at “If You Haven’t Got A Sonnet” and occasionally elsewhere, often with a cat on his lap. You can read his first feature on The Short of Ithere.


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Spotlight Poetry – Prayer for Earth – A poem by Myra Cohn Livingston

Prayer for Earth – A poem by Myra Cohn Livingston

Poem Attribution © Myra Cohn Livinston, Prayer for earth

Source Attribution A Poem for Every Autumn Day, ed. Allie Esiri, Macmillan

Painting Attribution © Thomas Steyer, Joy Day and Night, (Date Unstated)

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Art -Poetry – Thursday’s Round-up Read and View

Painting 1 Attribution © Kate Tortland, The Benediction, (Date Unstated)

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Poem 1 Attribution © James Berry, Benediction

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Painting 2 Attribution © Josephine Grundy, Morning Frost, (Date Unstated)

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Poem 2 Attribution © Hartley Coleridge, November

Source Attribution

Senryū 1, 2, 3 Attribution © Goff James, Meeting with Old Friends, Daisy Petals, The Music of Dreams

Painting 3 Attribution © Adrian Buba, The Shadows, (Canvas 15)

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