Spotlight Poetry – Dejection: An Ode (Extract) – A Poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The image depicts a painting titled For the Love of Music by the artist Yvette Lyons. The work is a vibrant abstract surreal musicale landscape painting. The image supports the poem Dejection: An Ode written by the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge .
© Yvette Lyons, For the Love of Music, 2015

Dejection: An Ode by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

O pure of heart! thou need’st not ask of me
What this strong music in the soul may be!

What, and wherein it doth exist,
This light, this glory, this fair luminous mist,
This beautiful and beauty-making power.
         Joy, virtuous Lady! Joy that ne’er was given,

Save to the pure, and in their purest hour,
Life, and Life’s effluence, cloud at once and shower,
Joy, Lady! is the spirit and the power,
Which wedding Nature to us gives in dower

         A new Earth and new Heaven,
Undreamt of by the sensual and the proud—
Joy is the sweet voice, Joy the luminous cloud—
                We in ourselves rejoice!

And thence flows all that charms or ear or sight,
         All melodies the echoes of that voice,
All colours a suffusion from that light.

Poem Attribution © Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Dejection: An Ode, (An Extract verse V)

Source Attribution

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Painting Attribution © Yvette Lyons, For the Love of Music, 2015

Source Attribution

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