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Issue 6 (April 20, 2019)

Hello Dear Friends

How quickly time flies by. It is that time of the week again to share my thoughts with you about some of the week’s new postings.

My Blog covers three areas – Art, Photography and Poetry.

The blog is a platform reflecting my interests and a journey of discovery, exploring a personal creative world. It is about sharing, with friends, an eclectic mixture of art, photography, poetry and writing.

Quote of the week

Max Depree


This week’s issue features some more of my personal favourite posts as well as friends’ favourites.

Art – Motion 1, 2019

Motion 1 is the first of my paintings, in an on going series, about the varying effect movement has upon light. The image attempts to captures the flow of traffic within an urban landscape.

Photography – Without Words 173

Without Words 173 is a photograph that was shot on a recent walk through the grounds of a local woodland park. It was late afternoon and hazed in bright Springtime sunshine when I came across this white double headed narcissus. I lay down on the ground very close to the plant to enable me to get really close and have a low view point.

Haiku – Heaven’s Hidden Secrets

Heaven’s Hidden Secrets is my favourite haiku poem of the week. it is the awareness of the vastness of the cosmos that excites. This is accentuated further by the fact that even with the benefit of scientific understanding there is so much that remains undiscovered and unknown. Do other species beyond the outer limits of our known universe already know of our existence on our tiny speck in space?

Gary Coleman’s, New Direction 1, is a discordant mixture of conflicting colours and tones that creates a tension and electric dynamism.The painting is imbued with a sense of the unknown and uncertainties of life and existence. It is a work that requires the viewer to question the certainties of today and consider what might be in the future. As the painter states “Tomorrow? Who knows?”

Top Spot – All over the land…

All over the land… was the most popular Haiku with friends this week. A poem about Spring’s changing moods underpinned with the sense of rebirth after the chill of Winter.

This week, with several distractions including the fine weather to get me out and about and catching up with essential gardening jobs, has placed some considerable strains upon time management.

It has been one of those weeks where finding enough quiet space for painting, reading, writing and creativity in general has been an issue. Seeking motivation, inspiration and writing is always demanding but this week has been particularly damned hard.

How has your week been for you?

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