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Issue 14 (June 15, 2019)

Welcome Dear Friends. Happy Saturday to you all. I trust your past week has been a pleasant one.

© Josef Herman, Women in the Rain (Notes from a Welsh Diary), 1949,
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Well here we are already into the third week of June. Summer remains hiding behind all the rainy days we have experienced here this week.

Flooding at the Tu Hwnt i’r Bont tea room in North Wales,

The weather has seriously hindered much outdoor activity this week. Managed the gym twice and a jaunt to the coast.

Luckily it was one of those rare sunny days to get out and do some sketching and photography. Note the gathering clouds. For now will have to make do with the taste of Summer held in a vase on the table.

Even with the bad weather how time flies. It is, once again, that time of the week to share with you my thoughts about some of the week’s postings.

My blog is about sharing, with friends, an eclectic mixture of art, photography, poetry, writing and once in a while a little of my favourite music.

This week the song I shared with you was The White Rose of Athens sung by Nana Mouskouri. The song has a particular personal resonance with me.

As usual, Issue 14 features some more of my personal favourite posts as well as friends’ favourites.

Quote of the week


Art – Rock Formation #2, 2019

This week’s artwork Rock Formation #2

This work is the second in on going series about the local coastline and its varying rock formations. The piece is that employs a variety of mixed media including collage, photography, writing and paint.

The inspiration for this series comes from walks along the coastline of Wales. This particular day was wild and stormy and I had to take shelter under the cliffs.

Photography – Without Words 206

Without Words 206 is an image that was captured on a visit to the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.

ThIs was one of those totally unexpected fleeting encounters. I was walking between the various floors of the centre and looking down over the balcony into the atrium.

I turned, to carry on up to the next floor, when coming down the flight of stairs behind me was this figure silhouetted by the natural light coming from the circular window. No time to think just took the shot.

Poem – Falling Sky

My favourite poem this week is Falling Sky

Ann Mackowsk’s painting A Falling Sky captures the essence and the challenges that each of us experience on a day to day basis. The image reflects the experience of confronting those challenges through turning negatives into positive responses.

The poem attempts to represent those experiences through words whilst the painting represents them through form and colour. Both reflect upon personal courage to overcome situations that appear to want to drag us downwards into a spiral of destruction.

The poem and the painting make reference to classical myths of the world being created through the mingling of the sky and the earth.

Top Spot – Morning Light

Morning Light proved to be the most popular haiku with friends this week. It appears to have captured the hearts of many readers.

Mark Fearn’s, Brilliance of the Morning Light no.2, appears to capture the very essence of the first light of dawn. The subtle coloured tones bring to the work a meditative quality of inner reflection.


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