Ramsey Sound

Ramsey Sound FBO

Goff James, Ramsey Sound, 2018


Ramsey Sound

As twilight’s

Storm filled sea

Sweeps across raging

Ramsey Sound

‘Twixt ancient windswept cliffs

O’er the the Bitches’

Boiling cauldron

With its foaming Whelps and

Graveyard of the Gem

The swollen torrent runs

From hidden hideaways and

Secret sandy beaches and

Rugged ragged rocks

The bray of restive seals

Rises disharmoniously

Above the salted surf

The unruly congregation

Clinging to the reefs

Assemble below

The rocky heights

Awaiting the surging swell

To free them from the

Their fortress to

Feast upon the shoals of

Unsuspecting mackerel

Swimming ‘neath

The turning tide

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