Spotlight Poetry – Bloomin Awake – A Collection of Poems by Katey Sutherland – The Short of It – Published by Susi Bocks @ I Write Her

I Write Her

Matt Shalvatis – Unsplash

Bloomin Awake

With each passing minute
I unfurl and greet the day.
I am here.
Blessings as I expose myself fully.
My open stature beckons examination
As the beauty within is revealed.

Loves Me/Loves Me Not

Oh, ox-eye daisy! Tell me of fortune today!
With sorrow, I destroy your beauty revealing my fate.
Forgive me.
But I must know – does he love me?

In Netherland

From the buried bulbs
Appear dizzying rainbow fields
Happy recipient


Poetry and nature are the only things that make sense for Katey. This is Katey Sutherland’s first feature on The Short of It.


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