Spotlight Poetry – The Fairy School Under the Loch – A Poem by John Rice

The image depicts a painting titled Fairy Wings by the artist Sara Baldwin. The work is a vibrant abstract surreal magical landscape painting. The image supports the poem The Fairy School under the Loch written by the poet John Rice.
© Sara Baldwin, Fairy Wings, 2015

The Fairy School Under the Loch by John Rice

The wind sings its gusty song.
The bell rings its rusty ring.

The underwater fairy children
dive and swim through school gates.
They do not get wet.

The waves flick their flashing spray.
A school of fish wriggles its scaly way.
The underwater fairy children
learn their liquidy lessons.

Their reading books are always dry.

The seal straighten in a stretchy mass.
Teresa the Teacher flits and floats from class to class.

The underwater fairy children
count, play, sing and recite,
their clothes not in the least bit damp.

The rocks creak in their cracking skin.
A fairy boat drifts into a loch of time.

The underwater fairy children
lived, learned and left this life-
their salty stories now dry as their cracked wings.

Poem Attribution © John Rice, The Fairy School Under the Loch

Source Attribution

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Painting Attribution © Sara Baldwin, Fairy Wings, 2015

Source Attribution

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