Spotlight Poetry – A Collection of Poems by Lorraine Lewis – Published by Susi Bocks @ I Write Her – The Short of It

I Write Her

Daniel Olah – Unsplash


Darkest mystery
Pure gems within the darkness
I walk in the dark


As light lifts me
As I walk the unknown
Pastures in the shadow of death
By the silent still waters deep
In the ocean of love
I never knew
In life


Over the bridge mists
Sigh out love songs divinely
Calling me to life


Willow you weep dawn 
Brings tears in dew to your leaves
Glistening with hope


Forest green deep joys
Draw me to your chanting prayer
Divine sacredness


My name is Lorraine Lewis. I have always written poetry but began to write more in earnest following having serious advanced blood cancer and going blind and becoming wheelchair-bound. I greatly enjoy experimenting with different forms of poetry, preferring shorter forms. 

Lorraine was featured twice in 2020 – March 27

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Spotlight Poetry – A Collection of Poems by Kritika Maheshwari – Valorous Bird – Published by Susi Bocks – The Short of It – I Write Her

I Write Her

Bankim Desai – Unsplash


Might look loose
but it’s the end


appreciate, don’t suffocate
for love without complaints
has a palatable taste; no haste
impatience will leave stains
time’s teachings are no waste


smoothly tearing the soft layer of balmy cocoon
the once crawling being now flies in fulgent hues
accepting the truth of its existence
stretching wings of self-love, persistent
the glamorous artistry of nature glides, confides
insouciantly fulfilling its wishes for what it has originated


Headlines cry to untune the averse state of our miserable humanity which has lost its stature
No comprehension of the hues of light or dark but the cruel selfishness speaks satirically throughout

Little Achievements

Joyful pouring of salt
Body halting at sweet shop
Celebrate the little achievements


An Indian-origin soul who sought pleasure in writing, two years ago, which she continued with pride and honor. She has…

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Spotlight Poetry – Four Short Poems by Ivor Steven – Ivor.Plumber/Poet – Posted by Susi Bocks – The Short of It @ I Write Her

I Write Her

Julia Kadel – Unsplash

The Sum is One

Sky above
Five oceans bind us
The one air we breathe comes from

Behind The Stone

When looking for home
If you roll away the stone
You won’t be alone 

Lost For Words

lost worlds
lost wars
lost objectives
lost subjects
lost children

Cold Nights

Empty, I return unsold
The sheets are cold
No crease to hold
Nor unfold


Ivor Steven was an Industrial Chemist, then a Plumber, now retired, and has been writing poetry for 19 years. He has had numerous poems published in anthologies and online magazines. He is an active member of the Geelong Writers Inc. (Australia), he is a team member/barista with the online magazine Go Dog Go Cafe (America), and a writer with the Coffee House Writers magazine (America). You can read more of his work on his blog – Ivor.Plumber/Poet. Ivor was…

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Spotlight Poetry – The Short of It – A collection of Poems by Marjorie Maddox – Posted by Susi Bocks @ I Write Her

I Write Her

Double the Consonant, Shorten the Vowel

That’s what comes from majority rule:
the T’s stretching their crossbeams further
across better, G’s claiming they’re bigger,
L‘s lazily lounging with their political pull,
P‘s too dippy with twin happiness to notice
their former association with pain and poverty.

O O‘s and silent A‘s,
diminutive i’s, E‘s eager to please and acquiesce,
and, of course, the once ubiquitous U,
whoop, roar, hoot, scream, screech
above the clamor of consonants
already claiming house control of hubbub,
commotion, applause.

There Is a Rat in the Middle of Separate

not just his teeth, as pointed as before-test pencils,
but his entire seamy body gleams
with lasciviousness and longing for the lost
spelling bee, its airborne script
intercepted by the evolved, phonically
abused, and chomping pterodactyl,
who took the…

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Spotlight Poetry – The Short of It – Poems by Akhila Siva – Posted by Susi Bocks @ I Write Her

I Write Her

Aureate waves

Dusky rays
dive into the depths of ocean
to strip off the chores of a day
Littered waves
flown in aureate color
wake up a star-studded sky


She is like a hurricane
never try to tame her waves
you will be blown away
But reach for her eyes
she will smile like a confetti
and let you dance in the core

To the mind

Dear mind,
I am never ever giving you up
for you are pouring indefinite closeness
I am never ever letting you go dull with time
for you are pressed deep within my heart
I will keep on writing for you
and make you bloom like a euphoric moon
as poetry is nothing but a POisEd TheRapY!

Fallen flowers

Petite petals of Bougainvillea,
wild, pink, and purple
adorning the silence of a season.
She feels everything, but not heavy

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Spotlight Poetry – Poems and Writings by Amrita Valan – Posted by Susi Bocks – The Short of It @ I Write Her

I Write Her

The Season Changed

The season changed
Deranged with loss, oh, how I grieved
The season changed.
Spring lambs leapt; blue skies furled white sheets
A cloudy barge carried your hearse
A setting sun shed crimson blood
The season changed.

The lovely moon

The lovely moon
Sent me into, a trance, a swoon
The lovely moon
Whispered gibberish, silver bliss
Made love to me, sly crescent tease
Winked eternal love, blew a kiss
The lovely moon.

The Death Dance

Death floats above my mortal
Cast-off shell
Adieu, life, as I knew it
The spring wells of joy
The pools of tears,
The daily grind
The nighttime fears
I am to hold hands
Dance above my corpse
With the great leveler
In the holiest temple of all
Without body or address
Dwelling outside time
And space
Where when I flatline
Where I go
Is something now I shall

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Spotlight Poetry – Poems by Jaya Avendel – Posted by Susi Bocks – The Short of It @ I Write Her

I Write Her


I pluck hearts from the sky
Count pennies amassed in fortune
On the moss cold
Under my concrete touch

When I read of Shakespeare
I see the strings in Romeo and Juliet and
I pull them.

Into Silence

I enter the bathroom and
Close the door

Steam from the bath
I indoctrinated with lavender
At noon
Tickles my ankles

I scream
Curl my voice around the trembling tile
With the cold steel taps
Dissolve like Epsom salts in water.

No one comes
No one is home.


She lingers between light and dark
Her eyes never open wide enough to
Reveal their true color
If she wakes
It is in the night
Where no one can see.


Everything is something else
In another form
Love is cruelty to someone else
Brutally pink; torn.
My dance is faulty
In the eyes of the soldier

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Spotlight Poetry – The Short of It – A collection of Poems by Joan McNerney

I Write Her


Evening is coming…
the dawn of nighttime.

Summer Solstice

Tonight is fragrant with 
sweet blooming jasmine.


Galaxies of bugs
orbiting around
fragrant pine trees.

Shut Eye

Black and white kitten
lying under clothesline in
soft circles of sleep.


Try to catch the wind.
Count the ripples in the sea.
Become a child again.


Joan McNerney’s poetry is found in many literary magazines such as Seven Circle Press, Dinner with the Muse, Poet Warriors, Blueline, and Halcyon Days. She has four Best of the Net nominations.  Her latest title, Love Poems for Michael, is available on and McNerney was featured on The Short of It in 2020 and her work was published in the anthology – The Sound of Brilliance.


Submissions are now closed but if you’d like to be featured onThe Short of It in the…

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Spotlight Writing Challenge – July 1 is almost here! :) – The Short of It – Hosted by Susi Bocks @ I Write Her

I Write Her

Just a reminder all you micro-poets and short, short story writers! The Short of It will be open to submissions from July 1 thru December 31, 2021. All selected pieces from this year will be featured in 2022.


I look forward to seeing previous favorites and a large influx of new talent!

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