Spellbound (3/4)

Spellbound 3 FBO

Goff James, Spellbound, 2017


Beneath the shadows

Of midnight’s moonlit bower,

Mesmerised, I stare.

My head laid low on mossy bank

Where haunting muses play.


Warm the rippling breeze

Cascades. My weary body stirs.

Entranced I listen.

Sleepless leaves their secrets whisper soft

Whilst wild wood creatures call.


Glow worms’ lanterns flicker flash.

Gauze winged fairies lightly dance

At secret speckled pools.


Hushed, I lie.

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Midnight Rhapsody


Moonlight Rhapsody 5eFBO

Midnight Rhapsody

’Neath midnight’s mighty darkened sky

Rising luminous clouds I glance.

O’er nectared hill tops wisp winged fairies fly.

Seduced, imbibed I join their sacred dance.


‘Neath starlight’s sapphire cosmic vault

Sweet perfumed breeze my being fills.

Such beauteous stillness, mind and eyes exalt.

Eve’tide’s lullaby weary soul distills.


‘Neath plum trees silvered blossomed boughs

I watch the stars immortal blest.

Snow pearled petals fall. Peaceful rest endows.

‘Pon earth’s verdant pillow, my head, I rest.


‘Neath moonbeams failing floodlit rays,

’Twixt dawn’s burning breaths, morn conceived.

Bliss filled rivered dreams ebb and flow away.

Life’s transient mortality perceived.