Spellbound 4 FBO

Goff James, Spellbound, 2017


Beneath the shadows

Of midnight’s moonlit bower,

Mesmerised, I stare.

My head laid low on mossy bank

Where haunting muses play.


Warm the rippling breeze

Cascades. My weary body stirs.

Entranced I listen.

Sleepless leaves their secrets whisper soft

Whilst wild wood creatures call.


Glow worms’ lanterns flicker flash.

Gauze winged fairies lightly dance

At secret speckled pools.


Hushed, I lie.


Intoxicated my threaded thoughts,

Muted toned, softly drift and fade.

Night’s soothing whispered sleep ascends.

Dreams enchanted drift and breathe

In harmony beneath the stars.


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