Paintings – Poetry – Music – Quotation – Monday’s Round-up Read, View and Listen – Selected by Goff James

Painting 1 Attribution © Iren Krum, Music is Life, 2007

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Haiku Attribution, Goff James, Sunset Burns, Pebbles Stream Strung Lie

Copyright (c) 2021 Goff James – All Rights Reserved 

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Painting 2 Attribution © Effat Pourhasani, Melted in Nature, 2018

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Music Attribution © Ray Charles, You Don’t Know Me, (Written by Cindy Walker)

Video Attribution Walt Eb

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Poetry – Haiku – House for Sale 8 (Homestead) – A poem collaboration between Suzette Benjamin and Goff James

The eighth in a series of haiku poems, Homestead (House for Sale), inspired by a dialogue twixt Suzette Benjamin and Goff James.

House for Sale 


Memory’s plaster
Old homestead in new stucco
House for sale

House for sale
Numerous old tales remain
Time for moving on


Nostalgia lingers
Faded doorways weaker grow
House for sale

Old doors closed
Finding a fresh perspective
Travelling new roads


Courage packed
Adventures labelled
Moving on

Heading west
New horizons sought
Waggons roll


Waggons burdened full
Hope and faith the co-pilots
Trailblazing frontiers

Dangers uncharted
Uncertainties ebb and flow
Morrow’s new dawn wakes


Adventure beckons
The unknown trust’s lighthouse guides
An eagle in flight.

Rations running low
The sun high in the noon sky
Shade and water sought


In despair’s abyss
Digging deep for survival
An oasis gleams

A flicker of hope
An optical illusion
Fate’s clenched fist outstretched


Journey’s end seems near
Faith a wellspring and shelter
A lifeboat stirs

The ocean calling sings
Final mountain pass to tread
Paradise in view



Sunlight golden gleams
Emerald forests exclaim
Destiny’s face unveiled

New foundations set
Yesterday’s travails forgot
Eden sacred blessed

Poem Attribution © Suzette Benjamin and Goff James, House for Sale

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Painting Attribution © Susan Bergstrom, Hardtack Homestead, (Date Unstated)

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Art – Poetry – Friday’s Round-up Read and View – A selection by Goff James

Painting 1 Attribution © Slava Posudevsky, First Flight, (Date Unstated)

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Poem 1 Attribution © John Gillespie Magee Jr., High Flight (An American’s Ecstasy)

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Painting 1, 2, 3 Attribution © Goff James, Twilight 3, 2020 Art Photography Poetry

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Senryū 1, 2 Attribution © Goff James, Looking to the Past, A Tatter of Shadows

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Painting 2 Attribution © Sara C Richardson, Eumenides Nº 10, Sara C Richardson, (Date Unstated)

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