Day Out (2/5)

Day Out 2:5 FB0

Goff James, Day Out 2/5, 2017

Day Out

Picnic baskets full –

Adults toddlers babes in arms –

Sun hats lotions donned –

Beachwards households excited dash –


Favoured shaded corners sought –

Infants costumed sit –

Towels buckets spades laid out –

Castles moated built –

Children swimming paddling splash –

Sun lit rock pools’ treasures sought –

Clicking The Light Fantastic

Welcome once more dear followers and visitors to my blog. Thank you for taking the time to look at and share my thoughts and latest updates.

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I am still trying to get to grips with understanding and applying the concept of exposure in photography to be able to capture any given fleeting moment. I am still struggling with comprehending how changing the various elements effect the exposure of an image. Quite literally for me it is a shot in the dark, pardon the pun.

0DSC00471a FB0

Goff James, Cardiff Bay, 2017

So many things to remember!

I understand that aperture changes depth of field and that ISO effects the level of noise of an image. Changing the shutter speed influences how movement is captured. In simplistic terms, as I understand it, aperture is the opening of the lens and is measured in f-stops. One f-stop to the next either doubles or halves the size the lens opening. Understanding these various f-stops or f-numbers is another matter. It appears deliberately perverse that f/2 is larger than f/4 and so on!

20170402_140404 Blur Pin Li FB0

Goff James, Lunch, 2017

Thank heavens for Depth of Field(DFO) and that I understand it as the amount of an image will be in focus.

Large Depth of Field refers to the fact that most of an image is in focus whether it is close or distant to the camera.

20170525_110318a FB0

Goff James, Stillness, 2017

Shallow Depth of Field means that only part of an image will be in focus and the remainder will be blurred.

2017-06-21 09.22.13abFB0

Goff James, Too Close for Comfort, 2017


2017-06-21 09.17.47abcBlur Lin Bur 2 FB0

Goff james, Fading Beauty, 2017

After all that there is Auto Mode, Manual Mode and Semi-automatic modes the likes of Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority to contend with!

The Stream


Presely Hills, Wales


River Solva, Wales

The Stream

Away, away storm’s spell cast

At the breaking edge of day.

Mountains, clouded, veiled. Rain, thundered sky.

Runnels, frenzied, gouging race.

Moorland flooded full. The land replenished.

Nature’s tumultuous chorus echoed far.

Away!Away!  A circling buzzard shrieks.


Away, away they run, ribboned into one.

The growing brook rips faster now

Through fern clad dales and wooded dells.

Racing ‘neath moss lined bridges and dry stoned walls.

Driven by some mysterious force heading for the sea.

Her wild gurgling chiding mud strewn banks.

Away! Away! A soaring skylark sings.


Away, away passed verdant meadows

Where cattle resting graze.

Besides ancient sacred wells she flows.

O’er arching lichened branches and cragged waterfalls

The broadening river her homage pays.

Her crashing song, a secret dam invades.

Away! Away! A playful otter barks.


Away, away, meandering; stealth adorned,

The aging river listless drifts,

Whilst iridescent dragonflies dance among the reeds.

Here, hidden, rainbowed trout with salmon rest.

Below the lustred fishers favourite bough

The idling river onward creeps.

Away! Away! A gliding swan and cygnets hiss.


Away, away with ambling gait

The aging river now descends towards the shore.

No weir, no lock, no man her progress has contained.

On shingled beach, crashing breakers jest.

Sea devoured her trace erased.

In harmony with Mother Earth the river’s travails o’er.

Away! Away! A swooping seagull screams.