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Showcase Photography – Doing the Twist – Photography by David Williamson


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The Twist is an art gallery about an hours drive from my home here in Norway. I have had plans to photograph it for a while now, but never got my act together to do anything about it. Well, what with all my travel plans for the summer abandoned I had to seek inspiration closer to home.

Nikon Z6
Nikkor Z 24-70 f/4.0 S
PP in PS and Silver Efex ProII.

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Photography – A Beginner’s Guide – The Photoshoot – An article by Goff James

Ones first photoshoot is all about handling whatever camera one has and getting the feel of things and confidence building. Landscape is a good place to begin. Here are some of the images from my very first outdoor photoshoot. I made loads of mistakes and still do. Remember it always has to be fun. Laugh! Laugh and laugh some more!


Goff James, Autumn Ripples, 2017 (FL 18.00mm, Exp. f/10, ISO 3200)


Goff James, Autumn Leaves, 2017 (FL 18.00mm, Exp. 1/640sec, f/8, ISO 3200)

For the beginner everything is a new challenge a new experience filled with many mistakes and missed opportunities. However set the camera on Auto Mode and let the camera make the decisions.

On my very first shoot; it was one of those autumn afternoons where the light was bright but no dramatic cloudscapes and the air was crisp. A great day to be outside; taking photographs and having fun.


Goff James, Autumn Gold, 2017 (FL 18.00mm, Exp. 1/100sec, f/8, ISO 3200)


Goff James, A Touch of Red, 2017 (FL 18.00mm, Exp. 1/1600sec, ISO 3200)

After overcoming the initial urge to to point and click the camera at everything; which, is an essential part of a beginner’s learning trying to get to grips with the camera. The next step is to attempt to look observe and select much more carefully.

There are so many other factors to contend with on the camera – Aperture Values, Time Values, Film Speed, Auto Mode, Manual Mode and so on. Remember; don’t panic or get stressed out. Photography is about having fun.


Goff James, Autumn Greens, 2017 (FL 18.00mm, Exp. 1/3200sec, f/10, ISO 3200)


Goff James, Autumn Blues, 2017 (FL 18.00mm, Exp. 1/4000sec, f/11, ISO 3200)

Although working with the theory and the actual process of taking a photograph is enough to give anyone a headache!  Remember it is just great to be out of doors and trying to be a photographer with the camera constantly in ones hands.


Goff James, Autumn Flows, 2017 (FL 18.00mm, Exp. 1/1250sec, f/9, ISO 3200)

Don’t worry about the theory and trying to remember everything about how to take a   photograph.

Experiment. Make mistakes. Laugh. Have fun.

Remember the Auto Mode.

Happy Photography.


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Poetry Plus – Beech – A poem by Elizabeth Jennings

© Sinisa Labus, Autumn in the Beech Forest

Beech a poem by Elizabeth Jennings

Autumn’s Wild Wind Blows

Autumn’s wild wind blows
Some leaves fly and some leaves cling
Such a dithering

Elizabeth Jennings, (1926-2001) An English poet initially linked to the group of poets including Kingsley Amis, Philip Larkin and Thom Gunn known as ‘The Movement’, Jennings’ work exhibits the unassuming technical craft of her poetry and its emotional restraint are qualities that were praised by the poets and critics of the period and continued to be abiding characteristics of her work.

Poem Attribution © Elizabeth Jennings, Beech

Source Attribution Poetry Please, The Seasons, Faber & Faber

Haiku Attribution Goff James, Autumn’s Wild Wind Blows

Image Attribution © Sinisa Labus, Autumn in the Beech Forest, (Date Unstated)

Source Attribution https://www.saatchiart.com/art/Painting-Autumn-in-beech-forest/1135226/7404151/view

Bio Reference Attributionhttps://poetryarchive.org/poet/elizabeth-jennings/


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