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Spotlight Poetry – The Pobble Who Has No Toes – A poem by Edward Lear

The Pobble Who Has No Toes by Edward Lear

The Pobble who has no toes
Had once as many as we;
When they said “Some day you may lose them all;”
He replied “Fish, fiddle-de-dee!”

And his Aunt Jobiska made him drink
Lavender water tinged with pink,
For she said “The World in general knows
There’s nothing so good for a Pobble’s toes!”

The Pobble who has no toes
Swam across the Bristol Channel;
But before he set out he wrapped his nose
In a piece of scarlet flannel.

For his Aunt Jobiska said “No harm
Can come to his toes if his nose is warm;
And it’s perfectly known that a Pobble’s toes
Are safe, – provided he minds his nose!”

The Pobble swam fast and well,
And when boats or ships came near him,
He tinkledy-blinkledy-winkled a bell,
So that all the world could hear him.

And all the Sailors and Admirals cried,
When they saw him nearing the further side –
“He has gone to fish for his Aunt Jobiska’s
Runcible Cat with crimson whiskers!”

But before he touched the shore,
The shore of the Bristol Channel,
A sea-green porpoise carried away
His wrapper of scarlet flannel.

And when he came to observe his feet,
Formerly garnished with toes so neat,
His face at once became forlorn,
On perceiving that all his toes were gone!

And nobody ever knew,
From that dark day to the present,
Whoso had taken the Pobble’s toes,
In a manner so far from pleasant.

Whether the shrimps, or crawfish grey,
Or crafty Mermaids stole them away –
Nobody knew: and nobody knows
How the Pobble was robbed of his twice five toes!

The Pobble who has no toes
Was placed in a friendly Bark,
And they rowed him back, and carried him up
To his Aunt Jobiska’s Park.

And she made him a feast at his earnest wish
Of eggs and buttercups fried with fish, –
And she said “It’s a fact the whole world knows,
That Pobbles are happier without their toes!”

Poem Attribution © Edward Lear, The Pobble Who Has No Toes

Source Attribution https://www.oatridge.co.uk/poems/e/edward-lear-pobble-who-has-no-toes.php

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Painting Attribution © Theo Radic, Purple Nonsense, (Date Unstated)

Source Attribution https://www.saatchiart.com/art/Painting-Purple-nonsense/960554/4660100/view

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Copyright (c) 2021 Goff James – All Rights Reserved 

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Spotlight – Press Release on Edge of Humanity! – The Sound of Brilliance – The Short of It

I Write Her

41 Poets & Writers Exploring Life, Emotions & Our World

ByEdge of Humanity Magazine,May 6, 2021

The Sound of Brilliance

This anthology contains 120 pieces from forty-one poets and writers with astute observations about living, emotions, and our world. Their contributions bring us a unique perspective to the themes they explored. Each piece by those presented in this anthology shows us, with depth and succinctness, as the title of this anthology suggests, their brilliant perspective.

Written By Tina Stewart Brakebill

living love


dancing to their song
eyes flickering with passion
the night too fleeting


a faithful promise
of harmonic convergence
binding him to her


singing a duet
as the days pass too quickly
lifted by their song


breathing in true joy
between the tiny moments
two hearts forever

AboutThe Sound of Brilliance

Written by Susi Bocks,Editor-in-Chief,The Short of It

My love for…

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