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“Fear The Evil” (Poem)

Beckie's Mental Mess

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“Fear The Evil”


What lurks in the darkness?

What makes that bump in the middle of the night?

Face distorted, the creepy starkness;

heighten adrenaline, frozen from the sight.

Who, or what lingers outside your bedroom door?

Evil awaits you, but your limbs cannot move,

you get a quick glimpse, its feet not touching the floor.

Trepidation has settled in, you can’t muster a whimper nor a scream,

your pulse feels as if it’s about to burst;

Fear the evil that lingers within your dream,

as it knocks outside your door, you hear it mutter and curse…

“Bitch, you’re mine now!”

Suddenly the alarm sounds, you awake shaken,

sunlight piercing through the clouds as beads of sweat rest on your brow.

BC 2019

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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