My art practice grows from the need to represent a response in words, photographs and painting to landscape, modernist abstraction and the disruption of visual vocabulary.

Combined these act as a distillation of an evolving visual, photographic and poetic language that draws upon personal experience. All driven by an emotional attachment that creates imagery arising out of a conversation with different media, materials, engagement with the landscape – its physical geography, history and literature – and is mediated by memory and remembrance.

The driving force of my ideas is a developing and ongoing interest in experimentation, exploration, expansion, contraction, destruction, action, accident, transformation and reconstruction.

The use of a limited colour palette in his art focuses the attention upon the physical properties of how the works are created. This is similarly reflected in the manner in which I employ words in my poetic responses and the manner in which I observe landscape through my photography.

Each work is intrinsically related to dealing with the concept of employing a perspective that is filtered and distorted. The various assemblages possess neither any horizon nor any recession of an infinite distance.

From all these elements emerges a gradual clarity of the possibilities of the relationship between painting, photography, poetry, mixed media, materials, objects and place. This enables the creation of works that encapsulate my vision of landscape.

It is a journey filled with choices and imagery that are created subconsciously, randomly, according to chance, and circumstance. The works are a collaboration between my intuitive aesthetic judgement and the innate properties and juxtapositions of the various materials, objects, processes and media used.

In a journey there is always the established original beginning. Inevitably there is a process of constant change that flows through each piece as it is created that determines the content and the forms.

From this central core new areas of interest, ideas, arrangements, and direction arise. These invite one into a space of speculation that provokes a narrative questioning perception of them.

The works are a journey of exploration and discovery. Each is an invitation that induces, intensifies and challenges the viewer’s thought process to investigate, respond, and interpret.