Spotlight Poetry – The Way We Were – A Poem by Goff James

The image depicts a painting titled The Way We Were by the artist Ali Asad. The work is a semi-abstract conceptual folk painting of three male figures with a dog on a plain off white  background. The image supports the poem The Way We Were written by the poet Goff James.
© Ali Asad, The Way We Were, 2018

The Way We Were by Goff James

Through our eyes you will see
Through our ears you will hear
Through our voices you will speak
Through our hearts you will live

Through our thoughts you will dream

Through your breath we will breathe
Through your hands we will touch

Through your feet we will walk
Through your blood we will bleed
Through your love we will love

Through our yesterdays you will see our deeds
Through our todays you will see our truths
Through our tomorrows you will see and sing our songs
Through our days you will see us just as one in unison
Through our nights you will see us as once we were

Through your dawns we will touch the waking sun
Through your days we will share the gifts of life you bore

Through your dusk’s we will remember joy’s blessed fragrance
Through your nights we will feel the moon and stars
Through your silence in the moon lit darkness we will find our way

Upon our tombstone you’ll see writ

‘The Way We Were We Did It Our Way’

Poem Attribution – Goff James – We DidIt Our Way

Copyright (c) 2022 Goff James – All Rights Reserved 

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Painting Attribution © Ali Asad, The Way We Were, 2018

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