Poetry – When Life Feels BLAH – An Emojiku Poem by Yvette @ Priorhouse and Goff James

The image depicts a painting titled Floaters by the artist David Disko. The work is a vibrant abstract surreal landscape painting. The image supports the poem When Life Feels BLAH written by the poets Yvette @ Priorhouse Blog and Goff James.
© David Disko, Floaters, 2021

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When Life Feels BLAH by Yvette @ Priorhouse and Goff James

😣 When life feels BLAH
⚒ And if it feels like ya hit a wall

🌹 Pause to smell the roses
🕺🏼 Move and make silly poses

☀️ Get some sun
🙏 Pray and have fun

✍️ Let writing offer reprieve
🖥 And with blogging friends – do feed!

🖼 See the bigger view real fast
🕰 Because this too, shall pass

🌃 Step light-footed through the dark
🎺 Hear tomorrow’s clarion call

🌅 A new day begins
☹️ Yesterday’s tribulations overcome

⛵️ Fresh horizons sailed
🏝 Boundless shorelines trod

🌟 Dreams unfulfilled awake
🔥 Hope rekindled burns

🌸 Life renewed a stirring blooms
🕊 Dawn’s sweet breath whispers peace

What is emojiku?

The emojiku came about by Cindy Georgakas and Goff playing emoji tennis in the WP comments box. It was a natural step to take it one stage further and develop from being just a fleeting form of discourse into something more poetically constructive.

An emojiku is a hybrid poetic form, and is similar in format to a haiku / senryū or haiga. However there are no strict restrictive set rules. The format is open and fluid.

In the case of an emojiku the source image is an emoji. The emojiku is made up of at least three different emoji. Each emoji being the inspiration for one line of the short poem.

The process of creating an emojiku begins by a blogger sending three different emoji to a fellow blogger.

The second blogger responds by writing their emojiku and forwarding it back to the original blogger; who, in turn responds by writing a counterpoint emojiku using the same emoji images.

Join in the emojiku fun and share 

Today’s Prompts are

😣 🌹 🕺🏼 ☀️ 🙏 ✍️ 🖥. 🖼 🕰. 🌃 🎺. 🌅 ☹️ ⛵️ 🏝 🌟 🔥 🌸 🕊

To participate use at least three of today’s emoji prompts and place your response in My Comments Box

Go where the emoji take you. It can be any variation of the emoji. You may also substitute the emoji for different emoji.

Have Fun

Please keep your prompt responses family-friendly. Disrespectful and inappropriate comments will not be responded to and removed immediately.

Poem Attribution – Yvette @ Priorhouse  – Goff James – When Life Feels BLAH

Copyright (c) 2022 – Yvette @ Priorhouse – Goff James – All Rights Reserved 

Image Attribution © David Disko, Floaters, 2021

Source Attribution https://www.saatchiart.com/art/Painting-Floaters/1843468/8681557/view

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  1. Wow Goff and Yvette, I love it! You took it to a whole new level of fun in playing with a whole poem. So wonderfully joyful with wonderful beautiful fun in writing! 💖👏👏👏👏

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  2. Love to reply and what you added to the encouraging poem
    Your section is packe with gems of hope and espnliked this

    Fresh horizons sailed
    🏝 Boundless shorelines trod”


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