Poetry – Hues of Midday Sun – An Emojiku Poem by Anita Bacha and Goff James.

The image depicts a painting titled Summer Sun Spots by the artist Pamela Gatens. The work is a vibrant abstract surreal musicale sun-scape painting. The image supports the poem Hues of Midday Sun written by the poets Anita Bacha and Goff James.
© Pamela Gatens, Summer Sun Spots, 2019

☀️ Hues of midday sun
🔥 Flaming burnt orange roses
💙 Cerulean sky
☀️ Wonder golden crowned
🔥 Silence furnaced dazzling lit
💙 Ocean still-blue lies

What is emojiku?

The emojiku came about by Cindy Georgakas and Goff playing emoji tennis in the WP comments box. It was a natural step to take it one stage further and develop from being just a fleeting form of discourse into something more poetically constructive.

An emojiku is a hybrid poetic form, and is similar in format to a haiku / senryū or haiga.

In the case of an emojiku the source image is an emoji. The emojiku is made up of three different emoji. Each emoji being the inspiration for one line of the short poem.

The process of creating an emojiku begins by a blogger sending three different emoji to a fellow blogger.

The second blogger responds by writing their emojiku and forwarding it back to the original blogger; who, in turn responds by writing a counterpoint emojiku using the same emoji images.

Join in the emojiku fun and share 

To participate use the three emoji prompts  ☀️  🔥  💙   and place your response in My Comments Box

Please keep your prompt responses family-friendly. Disrespectful and inappropriate comments will not be responded to and removed immediately.

Poem Attribution – Anita Bacha – Goff James – Hues of Midday Sun

Copyright (c) 2022 – Anita Bacha – Goff James – All Rights Reserved 

Painting Attribution © Pamela Gatens, Summer Sun Spots, 2019

Source Attribution https://www.saatchiart.com/art/Painting-Summer-Sun-Spots/359275/4904098/view

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  1. Thank you for inspiring and sharing this emojiku poem, Goff! It’s wonderful to collaborate with you. I feel we are two peas in a pod, like the twins haiku and senryū. The painting reminds me of yours, same mesmerizing colors, same touch for beauty and the beautiful. Thank you for this excellent tableau to illustrate our verses. Good night 😘😴🌙💤 and sweet dreams 🛌

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