Spotlight Poetry – Crakaig Millhouse, Isle of Ulva – A Poem by Derek Ross @ Photos Poetry and Haiku


Crakaig Millhouse, Isle of Ulva

This is a hard island,
History has ground out
A past with a coarse grain.

Here, in this broken mill,
Two millstones lie mute,
Their edges like parted lips,

Lichen clinging like crumbs.
Now, only the wind scrapes,
Only dark crows scavenge.

Ferns feed on emptiness,
Drink the damp of old tears,
Bury the stones of past lives.

Yet, see how those clouds part,
How light swallows the grey?
There is always life,

Always a means to sustain.
Memories feed us all,
Here, you can have your fill.

Derek Ross

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