Spotlight Poetry – a s i – A Poem by Goff James

The image depicts a painting titled Jeu de Miroir (Mirror Effects) by the artist Philippe Briade. The work is a vibrant atmospheric semi-abstract figurative painting. Layers of colour, shapes and texture and a variety of mark making provide depth, movement and give the painting its dramatic intensity. The viewer is placed in a central position where one can see everything happening in the room in front of them and also in the back by the mirror effects. What is exactly going on is subject to interpretation. But one can distinguish on the left a woman looking outside on a balcony or on the deck of a boat. Central left are two children playing with the curtains. Central right a mirror reflecting a woman in lingerie. And on the right side a ghostly silhouette of a man standing. The unity of color, a warm grey, give the scene a continuity through the 4 stages as well as the white horizontal line behind the woman and the ghost. But the mirrors make the scene surreal. So that one doesn't know where one stands and what one is really seeing. The work supports the poem a-s-i written by the poet Goff James.
© Philippe Briade, Jeu de Miroir (Mirror Effects), 2010

a s i by Goff James

s i

k in t
he mir
ror I se
e yester
day i hear
memories w

eep i taste l
ost kisses i s
mell death’s fr
agrance i touch
broken dreams as
i look in the mirror

Copyright (c) 2022 Goff James – All Rights Reserved 

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Painting Attribution © Philippe Briade, Jeu de Miroir (Mirror Effects), 2010

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  1. A happy home life disintegrating before our eyes. The poem, while hard to read the way it’s broken up, certainly conveys that message well in structure and thoughts. Loved it!

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