Spotlight Poetry – Moonlight Rhapsody – A poem by Goff James

The image depicts a photograph titled by the photographer Hidenobu Suzuki. The work is a coloured photograph of plum blossom hanging from the trees in an orchard. The image supports the poem Moonlight Rhapsody written by the poet Goff James.
© Hidenobu Suzuki, Plum Trees, (Date Unstated)

Moonlight Rhapsody by Goff James

Neath midnight’s mighty darkened sky
Rising luminous clouds I glance.

O’er nectared hill tops wisp winged fairies fly.
Seduced, imbibed I join their sacred dance.

Neath starlight’s sapphire cosmic vault
Sweet perfumed breeze my being fills.

Such beauteous stillness, mind and eyes exalt.
Eve-tide’s lullaby weary soul distills.

Neath plum trees silvered blossomed boughs
I watch the stars immortal blest.

Snow pearled petals fall. Peaceful rest endows.
Pon earth’s verdant pillow, my head, I rest.

Neath moonbeams failing floodlit rays,
Twixt dawn’s burning breaths, morn conceived.

Bliss filled rivered dreams flow and fade away.
Life’s transient mortality perceived.

Poem Attribution – Goff James – Midnight Rhapsody

Copyright (c) 2022 Goff James – All Rights Reserved 

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Photo Attribution © Hidenobu Suzuki, Plum Trees, (Date Unstated)

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