Spotlight Art – Anthology of Poetry – A Book Cover – Design 14 by Goff James

The image depicts a book cover design that is untitled as yet by the poet Goff James. The work is an illustration of abstract shaped leaves in red, black and purple within a circle inset within a green square. The design is set against a black background. The title and subtitle lettering is in a bold white font.

My work on producing a collection of small poems remains on going. 

I continue to be about two thirds of the way through gathering and redrafting some of my my early poems together. The redrafting is taking up much more time than I anticipated.

Here is another taster.

I continue to work on more designs for the front cover. I have several titles under consideration. Recently two or three have become firm favourites.

The design above is another one of my experimental initial front cover ideas.

It continues to be, very much so, work in progress. 

Dear readers your views with regard to the design would be much appreciated

Many thanks to all for your feedback and suggestions.

Book Cover Design Attribution, Goff James, Anthology of Poetry

Copyright (c) 2021 Goff James – All Rights Reserved 

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23 thoughts on “Spotlight Art – Anthology of Poetry – A Book Cover – Design 14 by Goff James

  1. As an avid reader, while your cover is interesting, it doesn’t attract my attention. As a reader, a cover of the book, implies a story or in your case poetry. I can’t get past all the ” X” , can you help me understand your design better? Thanks.

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    • Hi. Many thanks for the view and comments. The ‘Book Cover Design’ is one of an ongoing process of development trying to find a design that is compatible with the collection of short poems that I am writing. I have presented, up to now, some 14 different designs in my posts. All are totally different. The ‘X’s’ represent the title which, at the moment, remains secret and only known to me. It is too soon to reveal the title until the anthology is completed and published. Hope this helps you understand what I am trying to achieve. Everyone’s comments regarding the various designs are taken on board. In so doing, hopefully, this will enable me to make a final decision about the cover. There are at the moment two or three favourites. These also remain secret. Have a great day.

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