Spotlight Art – Anthology of Poetry – A Book Cover – Design 11 by Goff James

The image depicts a book cover design that is untitled as yet by the poet Goff James. The work is a a vibrant abstract colour illustration on a black background on which the title and subtitles are printed in a bold white font.

My work on producing a collection of my haiku and senryū poems, which I am hoping to publish, remains on going. I am about two thirds of the way through gathering and redrafting some of my my early poems together.

Here is another taster.

I continue to work on more designs for the front cover. I have several titles under consideration.

The design above is another one of my experimental initial front cover ideas.

It continues to be work in progress. Though recently a few of the designs have become firm favourites.

Dear readers your views with regard to the design would be much appreciated

Many thanks to all for your feedback and suggestions.

Book Cover Design Attribution, Goff James, Anthology of Poetry

Copyright (c) 2021 Goff James – All Rights Reserved 

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32 thoughts on “Spotlight Art – Anthology of Poetry – A Book Cover – Design 11 by Goff James

  1. I love the haikuGoff. Unfortunately,through being blind, I cannot see the book cover, for which I am so sad. Good luck with it all Goff.

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    • Hi, Lorraine. Many thanks for calling in and kind comments. The book cover is an expressionist abstract illustration filled with vibrant rainbow coloured hues that flow one into the other; and set on a solid black background that forms a border around the edges. Superimposed on the design in bold white lettering; are, at the top left my name, beneath which centre left the subtitle ‘Anthology’ and at the bottom the title of the book itself. The title is undecided yet so is represented with a series of Xs. I hope this helps you to visualise the design. Have a wonderful day.

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      • Oh Goff. Thankyou so much. I can really visualise that and it sounds wonderful. I would love to know when the book comes out. I was thinking of doing this myself but you have inspired me to get on with it. I really wish you well with it. Your description of the cover is so good, and thankyou for going to all that trouble

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      • No problem. Great pleasure. Thanks for your kind comments and wishes. The book is still work in progress. It will be self published in PDF format. Have a great weekend. Trusting you will go ahead with your book and good luck with it. Best Regards.

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