Spotlight Art – Anthology of Poetry – A Book Cover – Design 10 by Goff James

The image depicts a book cover design that is untitled as yet by the poet Goff James. The work is an illustration of multicoloured triangles of various sizes distributed randomly across the cover The lettering is in a white font.

My work on producing a collection of my haiku and senryū poems, which I am hoping to publish, remains on going.

Here is another taster.

I continue to work on more designs for the front cover. I have several titles under consideration.

The design above is another one of my experimental initial front cover ideas.

It continues to be work in progress.

Dear readers your views with regard to the design would be much appreciated.

Book Cover Design Attribution, Goff James, Anthology of Poetry

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12 thoughts on “Spotlight Art – Anthology of Poetry – A Book Cover – Design 10 by Goff James

  1. I think this one conveys the random/serendipitous nature of the collection you’re planning. My only suggestion would be to see if you can increase the contrast between the lettering the design.

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