Spotlight Poetry – Thumbprint – A poem by Eve Merriam

The image depicts a painting titled Thumbprint by the artist Josh Hertzenberg. The work is a vibrant rainbow coloured abstract painting that captures the patterns and lines found in a thumbprint. The work supports the poem titled Thumbprint by the poet Eve Merriam.
© Josh Hertzenberg, Thumbprint, 2010

Thumbprint by Eve Merriam

In the heel of my thumb
are whorls, whirls, wheels

in a unique design:
mine alone.
What a treasure to own!
My own flesh, my own feelings.

No other, however grand or base,
can ever contain the same.
My signature,
thumbing the pages of my time.

My universe key,
my singularity.
Impress, implant,
I am myself

of all my atom parts I am the sum.
And out of my blood and my brain
I make my own interior weather,
my own sun and rain.

Imprint my mark upon the world,
whatever I shall become.

Poem Attribution © Eve Merriam, Thumbprint

Source Attribution

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Painting Attribution © Josh Hertzenberg, Thumbprint, 2010

Source Attribution

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