Spotlight Poetry – In the Shadows of the Moon – A poem by Goff James

© Egon Schiele, The Self Seers (Death and Man), 1911

In the shadows of the moon… – A poem by Goff James

In the shadows of the moon
Beneath the stars

As midnight’s moonbeams silver shards shatter
Into dust and scatter silent o’er winter’s withered land
My ageing brow furrowed deep with grieving pain and
Each deformed limb weighed heavy by life rests still

My rhythmless heart feeble listless
Beats within its skeletal cage
Upon my ancient corpse heaven casts her silent deathly spell
Mantled in night’s dread filled loneliness I lie and wait

Rediscovered thoughts filled with strange long forgotten desires
Ignite and bleed into the shadows of the flooding darkness of my soul
Vague memories recalled of flesh’s first flickering flames rise
Once more to dance burning for one last fleeting moment

Inundating my narrowing bloodless veins with forgotten desire
Fanned by the chill of my lingering decomposing frame
Death’s wafting breeze soothing unanchored breathes
In the trembling haze of darkness youth’s idle dreams unfurl

Their final soured long lament of discomforting joy writ within my heart
In the steeled silence I see your face masked in ghostly mist
I lift my feeble fingers in hope to touch your outstretched hand
Whispered in shivered soundless tones I call your near forgotten name

Recalling in my final moments that which once might have been
Now too late alas to be reborn as each last moment ebbs and flows
Upon the walls of my imprisoned corpse passion for a feckless moment
Unchained wakes in burning flames and dances wild amid
The dying embers of life’s last lingering heat

An unforgiving half remembered dream
Seeps into the caverns of my madness
I lay my wearied head upon the pillow of my final foolish thoughts
Embraced in shrouded stillness

Towards death’s distant calling curtained vale I drift
Unaccompanied into oblivion’s iced embrace

Poem Attribution, Goff James, In the Shadows of the Moon

Copyright (c) 2021 Goff James – All Rights Reserved 

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Painting Attribution © Egon Schiele, The Self Seers (Death and Man), 1911

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