Poetry – Haiku – Homestead 16 (House for Sale) – A poem collaboration between Suzette Benjamin and Goff James

The twenty-third in a series of haiku poems, Homestead (House for Sale), inspired by a dialogue twixt Suzette Benjamin and Goff James.

House for Sale 


Memory’s plaster
Old homestead in new stucco
House for sale

House for sale
Numerous old tales remain
Time for moving on


Nostalgia lingers
Faded doorways weaker grow
House for sale

Old doors closed
Finding a fresh perspective
Travelling new roads


Courage packed
Adventures labelled
Moving on

Heading west
New horizons sought
Waggons roll


Waggons burdened full
Hope and faith the co-pilots
Trailblazing frontiers

Dangers uncharted
Uncertainties ebb and flow
Morrow’s new dawn wakes


Adventure beckons
The unknown trust’s lighthouse guides
An eagle in flight.

Rations running low
The sun high in the noon sky
Shade and water sought


In despair’s abyss
Digging deep for survival
An oasis gleams

A flicker of hope
An optical illusion
Fate’s clenched fist outstretched


Journey’s end seems near
Faith a wellspring and shelter
A lifeboat stirs

The ocean calling sings
Final mountain pass to tread
Paradise in view



Sunlight golden gleams
Emerald forests exclaim
Destiny’s face unveiled

New foundations set
Yesterday’s travails forgot
Eden sacred blessed


Thanksgiving kindled
Songs of rejoicing ascend
The land flourishes

Day’s plough laid to rest
Barns filled with earth’s gold harvest
Winter’s voice is heard


Frost in furrows nests
Twilight’s chill their metal test
‘Til Spring their hearts warm

Darkness biting stings
Winter’s log fires burning bright
Yesterday’s recalled


Moonlight sagas warm
Opal dreams in amber glow
Nightingales sing sweet

Hillsides silver still
Midnight’s wonderland revealed
Footprints in the snow


Valleys aching stroll
Fresh snow wintry trails carved deep
Cooking pot crackles

Children waiting watch
Empty stomachs rumbling peal
Kitchen cupboard bare


Winter stew simmers
Pies on window ledge cool
Hearth and kin savour

Around the table
The fragrance of cooking curls
Many mouths to feed


Measured portions served
Baking bread fills hearth and home
No one goes hungry

Footsteps at the door
The scraping of mud off boots
A warming of hands


Thoughts and fingers thaw
Coals crimson glowed smoulder bright
Logs a flaming roar

Bowls hot steaming served
Eager anticipation
Prayers of meaning said


Sliced bread broken served
Butter’s sweet aroma floats
Delicious stew made

Hungrily devoured
No time for idle chatter
Bowls and spoons licked clean


No second helpings
Cream pie devoured quickly
Smiling stomachs full

Such feasting savoured
Hunger’s clawing kept at bay
Time to clear away


Burdens divided
Utensils and dishes clang
Dishcloths dangling swing

Water everywhere
A clap of hands voices raised
The rattle of feet


Dishes untouched stand
Kitchen in soap bubbles swims
Scolded youths retreat

Door flung open wide
Winter’s wild wind biting growls
Voices shouting race


Hurry shut the door
Mountain winds blast the rafters
Home and hearth shudder

Children in the yard
Hide and seek and snow fights played
Toes and fingers burn


Warm pitstop indoors
Thawed play stirs an idea
A snowman stands proud

Darkness falling wakes
Unfulfilled dreams melting seep
Winter turns to Spring


Hope wakens new buds
Crocus visions resurrect
Wild geese bathing splash

Morning’s knifed clouds bleed
Unploughed fields lie naked sick
Famine’s carpet spread


Rations running low
Darkness’ manacles tighten
Locusts feast on dreams

Gullies river dry
Vultures circling stain the sky
Silence sun scorched weeps

Poem Attribution © Suzette Benjamin and Goff James, House for Sale

Copyright (c) 2021 Suzette Benjamin & Goff James – All Rights Reserved 

Painting Attribution © Susan Bergstrom, Hardtack Homestead, (Date Unstated)

Source Attribution https://www.saatchiart.com/print/Painting-Hardtack-Homestead/416604/2369804/view


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