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Today I received a wonderful message from Louise Gallagher at Dare Boldly that I felt I must share with everyone

“Ahhhh…. Stand by Me… Ben E. King…. Years ago, when I worked at an adult homeless shelter, I started an art program called, The POssibibilities Project — it included music.

One of the most amazing things we did was create a recording of Stand by Me — with musicans who were clients of the shelter as well as musicians from the community at large — and then, we held a concert and… Ben E King happened to be in town recording at a studio — he agreed to come and sing with those who were in the recording!

It was amazing — Only myself and a couple of people knew he was coming – at the end of the evening, Ben E King walked onto the stage as the performers prepared to sing Stand by Me — it was a moment I shall never forget! Thank you for reminding me this morning of that project.”

Music Attribution © Ben E. King / Mike Stoller, Jerry Leiber, Stand By Me

Video Attribution Louise Gallagher

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16 thoughts on “Spotlight Music Box – Update Message Share – Stand By Me – Ben E. King

  1. So much talent, one is left to wonder where these people are today. This song has always stirred my emotions and this video did more so than usual. Thank you for sharing it. Have a good day.

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  2. Thank you Goff for sharing and for caring. I’ve linked my blog today to your original post of the song and does provide an update on one of the performers. 🙂 (I’ll link to this post too)

    What I realize in posting both my comment and my blog today is how life truly is a tapestry of threads weaving each moment together. Sometimes, a thread appears gets woven in, trails off until another moment when it becomes part of the warp and weft of that next moment…. and on it goes. We are all beautiful weavers threading our stories of light and life and love into the moments of our lives.

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