Art Plus – #1572, 1972 – A painting by Abe Ajay

Abstract Construction

Abstract Construction
Colours shapes and forms combine
Patterns of movement

About the painting

#1572, 1972 – (Acrylic on canvas, polyester) by Abe Ajay The artist’s dialogue with imagery is rooted in an “Alphabet” of shapes and forms. Those shapes and forms initially derived from found objects, but have developed into three dimensional objects designed and organized to construct his creative artistic imaginings.

Ajay’s background in graphic design and commercial art distill an interplay of control, intuition, and accident. The work is filled with patterns of movement through the artistic alphabet which he employs, a conversation with his own thoughts and a consideration of the infinite possibilities hidden within finite variables.

The work is an evolving experiment in expressing perfect interrelationships of shape, colour and form.

Ajay’s use of carefully designed forms and colour arrangements create a composition filled with dynamic intensity that draws the viewer in and encourages questioning of that which is perceived.

Painting Attribution © Abe Ajay, 1572, 1972

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