Spotlight Art – Suspended Grief – Painting of the day by Mark Mellon

Painting Attribution © Mark Mellon, Suspended Grief, (Date Unstated)

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Echoed on Canvas

Echoed on Canvas
A mother weeps for her child
Mourning dark hued speaks

About the Painting

Mark Mellon’s painting ‘Suspended Grief’ is acrylic on canvas; and, from his ‘The Rogue Collection. A Collection of art works that do not not fit or were not created within a specific theme. Each of the paintings, stands on its own, in the collection. Each possesses its own individual narrative.

The concept of the work was initially meant to be apart of a larger series, however after completing three pieces within the theme of ‘time’ the artist felt he had exhausted his current ideas and to continue to push forward with additional pieces would have been forced.

As Mellon states perhaps he will, at a later date, explore again each image in depth so that they become a piece within its own collection.

In “Suspended Grief” the image shows the fragmented image of a woman totally absorbed in a moment of grief; where, time has been shattered and echoed over the canvas.

The minimalist colour palette accentuates the intensity of the woman’s grief. The manner in which the artist wreaths the woman’s face in a multiplicity of fingers draws the viewer into the image to share in the moments of her personal grief.

All these elements add to to the dynamism and emotional intensity of the painting.

About the Artist

Mark M. Mellon’s art work dictates the expression of man and the beast exploring our role and purpose in this universe. Narrations in his imagery are stories of love and heartbreak to tragedy and loss – and of course – the never ending battle of dualism of self.

Spending the last twenty years developing his skill, his work takes inspiration from Primitive Art work, philosophy, astrology, religion, personal reflection and always finds courage and ideas from a various assortment of modern artists – old and new.

Mellon brings together a harmony of imagery styled in an abstract and surreal way. Working with paint, ink and sculpture, Mellon has created a world and environment that encourages viewers to enter and engage with the imagery and find meanings of their own.

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Senryū Attribution Goff James, Echoed on Canvas

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