Spotlight Art – Memories#1 – Painting of the day by Linda O’Neill

About Linda O’Neill
Linda O’Neill’s paintings are gestural and adventurous and communicate a state of mind through colour, movement and form. she has struggled with OCD and migraines most of her life so aspects of that journey; pain, healing, fulfilment, loss, contentment and uncertainty are also important elements in her work

O’Neill discovered art at a young age and went on to receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1993. She occasionally rummages through a box of her childhood creations and savours the freedom and expression of that younger self. Over the years, She has been influenced by artists such as Richard Diebenkorn, Nathan Olivera, Franz Klein, Joan Mitchell, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Cy Twombly to name a few.

Her work is very intuitive and fluid that brings life to raw, authentic emotions. Painting with acrylics, she incorporates collage, paint pen, oil pencil, caran d’ache and whatever else she can lay get hands on. Working layer upon layer, always listening to music, She often rotates the canvas as she works until she is happy with the progression. O’Neill attempts to let go of critical thinking, preferring to let her subconscious run the paintbrush.

She hopes to inspire and affect people on a deep emotional level with her abstracts. as well as trying to connect with others who suffer from similar physical or mental conditions.

Painting Attribution © Linda O’Neill, Memories #1, (Date Unstated)

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