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Quotations Attribution © John Keats

Painting 1 Attribution © Sarah Giannobile, Winter Garden, (Date Unstated)

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Poem 1 Attribution © Emily Dickinson, New Feet Within My Garden Go

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Painting 2 Attribution © Lori Goldberg, Into the Garden, (Date Unstated)

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Poem 2 Attribution © John Keats, Fancy (An excerpt from)

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Painting 3 Attribution © Alison Bradley, Autumn Mist, Tryfan, (Date Unstated)

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Poem 3 Attribution © Goff James, Waking, Art Photography Poetry

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Haiku 1 Attribution © Goff James, Twilight Church-hushed Peals, Art Photography Poetry

Painting 3 Attribution © Anara Abzhanova, First Snowfall in November, (Date Unstated)

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Haiku 2 Attribution © Goff James, Midnight’s Breeze Chill Kissed, Art Photography Poetry

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Art Photography Poetry