Photography – A Beginner’s Guide – Image and Message (1) – An article by Goff James

In previous Photography – Beginner’s Guide articles I have spoken of many things to help one have a better understanding of using a camera; now, is the time to take another leap of faith and start experimenting with Still Life and creating a narrative within an image.

FL50.00mm, Exposure 1/10sec, F.32, ISO 3200

One has to try to make use, indoors and outdoors, of the best lighting one has available. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

IMGP0284ab FBO
IMGP0284aTwirl FBO

Remember the Auto Mode; but time to be a little more adventuerous and experiment with the Manual Mode. If one is fortunate enough to have access to a photo editor; time to start experimenting with it too. One can create some stunning effects.

IMGP0285abFB0 ER Mult

Develop an interest in experimenting with objects and Still Life that will allow one to create narratives with specific overt or covert meanings.

In the selected images above I was drawn to the juxtaposition of organic and man made objects within an image and how they relate to one another. However choose that which is of interest.

The images presented here are some that I have put forward for you to think about whilst you experiment finding out more about Still Life, developing narratives, lighting, focus, your own camera and taking photographs in general.

Don’t worry about the theory and trying to remember everything about how to take a photograph.

Don’t worry about what you might think is right or wrong in taking photographs.

 Make mistakes. Laugh. Have fun.

Remember the Auto Mode.

Experiment! Experiment! Experiment!

Happy Photography.

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