Showcase Poetry – ‘Quarantined Thoughts’ – A poem by V. J. Knutson

One Woman's Quest

Oh, the plans I make –
swept up in sudden quietude –
art, writing, books to read –
creativity leaps with excitement

And yet, there is a somber tone
ringing in my head – an anxious
whirring – reframing solitude
as social aberration…

And in this dance of light and dark
how shall I weave the threads
braid together a semblance of order
find a balance I can live with?

(Inspired by the prompting of Reena’s Exploration Challenge: quarantined thoughts.  Image my own.)

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4 thoughts on “Showcase Poetry – ‘Quarantined Thoughts’ – A poem by V. J. Knutson

  1. Yes it’s feel insensitive to me to be excited about my art and the creative process during a Pandemic. But art helps others to relieve stress and gives them happiness. Maybe Art is needed more in Pandemic when people are searching for comfort and a sense of peace.

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