June 2020 – A Note of Special Thanks – Open Letter by Goff James

Dear Friends, June is here. Two month have passed by since my last letter. Somehow I missed writing a May letter; why and how I cannot recall. Here we are entering the sixth month and halfway through 2020.

Summer is coming, summer is coming.

I know it, I know it, I know it.

Light again, leaf again, love again.

Alfred , Lord Tennyson

The weather over the last few weeks has been glorious; officially the driest and hottest May on record. The garden is festooned with roses. Their colours and fragrance a joy; and, so uplifting during these difficult times.

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic has changed everything. The opening flowers; the birds busy feeding their young; the dawn and dusk chorus; each little joy a blessing to hear and behold.

To all those people at the frontline who, on our behalf, are acting so courageously fighting and dealing with Covid-19; I would like to express, yet again, my thanks to you all for; the selfless work that you are doing; the risks that you are taking; the sacrifices you are making; the compassion that you are showing caring for the sick and dying: in homes: local communities: villages: towns: cities and nations around the world. You are all heroes.

I would like to express a special note of appreciation to all of you who visit, follow and read my blog.

I also extend a very warm welcome to all new visitors, readers and followers.

To those many writers who i follow; an apology for not spending more time visiting and reading your valued blogs. I am finding it increasingly difficult to pay you regular visits; this is something that constantly bothers me. I trust you all understand the dilemma faced by bloggers.

I take this opportunity to say to you all;

“Many thanks for following Art, Photography, Poetry. I truly appreciate the visits, the follows, the reads, all your positive comments and am extremely grateful for your valued and continued generous support. Thank you.”

During these difficult days: Stay Well: Stay Safe: Stay Smiling.

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