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Goff James, Trace, 2015

“All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsions, habit, reason, passion, desire.”



Arrival or departure of a young warrior or hero, detail of an Apulian krater, c. 410–400 BCE.


“It seems that if you put people on paper and move them through time, you cannot help but talk about ethics, because the ethical realm exists nowhere if not here: in the consequences of human actions as they unfold in time, and the multiple interpretive possibility of those actions.”

Zadie Smith

Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View 1991 by Cornelia Parker born 1956

Cornelia Parker
Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View 1991 
© Cornelia Parker

Cornelia Parker

Human actions can be motivated by religion, politics or merely by the inner passion to create and serves mirror-like as a reflection of a particular moment in time. Whatever the particular individual circumstances are; image making requires a personal, intellectual or emotional discourse between the instigator and their environment. Artists utilize particular techniques and methods, sometimes perfecting them or even inventing completely new ones, however without spiritual individuality, image making could not achieve anything other than just being kitsch.


Rowan Gillespie “Freedom” Bronze,

Rowan Gillespie

“Between the art and the artist there is no distance.”

Attributed to Rowan Gillespie

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Vasan Sitthiket V40, Installation, 2016

Vasan Sitthiket V40, Installation, 2016

“Art is the desire of [humans] to express [themselves], to record the reactions of [their personalities} to the world [they live] in.”

Amy Lowell

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