Bubble! Bubble! – The birthing process…


Goff James, Bubble! Bubble!, 2018


“The process of living and the process of thinking and perceiving the world happen in everyday life. I’ve found that sometimes the studio is an isolated place, an artificial place like a bubble – a bubble in which the artist is by himself, thinking about himself. It becomes too grand a space. What happens when you don’t have a studio is that you have to be confronted with reality all the time.”

Gabriel Orozco



Humans possess complex personal needs, fears or basic intellect and they appeared increasingly with the creation of marks or symbols in the ground, or  moulded and created  on one’s body or in ones hands; in colour on rock, wood or in the form of sculpture. Whether it was flat, two dimensional or a three-dimensional rendition. This was the birth of “Art”  at its most basic and primeval level within the context of the real world and viewed as a general concept.


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