DSC02539 Hope FB0

G.James, Hope, 2017H


Pained, alone I stand

Upon Dewsland’s ancient cliffs.

Aching gloom surrounds.

The ocean, unconsoling,

Calls, “Outstretch your wings and soar.”


Wrecking waves, unbound.

Their flailing, fractured, fragrance

My iced soul imbue.

Wild wind’s snarling symphony

Howls, “Outstretch your wings and soar.”


A moment’s stillness,

Poised, unrehearsed, I leap

Into the abyss.

As I descend a voice I

Hear, “Outstretch your wings and soar.”


Dawn’s healing softness

My broken self embraces.

Love, unspoken, wakes.

Once more, I rise, hope’s bells

Peal, “Outstretch your wings and soar.”





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