What if…?


G.James, What if…?, 2017

Roused from dreams and mind still closed.

Picked up paper. Picked up pen.

From sleep’s dark depths a question posed.

What if…? Words appeared – then and now and when!


What if now is then and then for now was used?

Put down paper. Put down pen.

So confused.

Returned to sleep again.


What if then is now and now for then transposed?

Picked up paper. Picked up pen.

So confused.

Awakened once again.


What if then and now disagree?

What happens next?

Added when, makes three!

Do all evolve in dream’s perplexed?


What if yesterday to now succumbs?

Is today now lone’s abode?

If today tomorrow’s when now becomes

Will yesterday, today and tomorrow self implode?


What if yesterday was today’s used?

Is today tomorrow’s ken ignored?

So confused

Returned to sleep once more.


What if when, tomorrow, then survives?

Exacerbating bafflement!

Dream’s confusions mind’s disguise.

Absolute bewilderment!


What if now is when and now is then?

Then is when and when is now?

So confused

Awakened yet again.


What if then and now and when apart exist?

Wearied by attempts to understand and solve

These unruly confusions forcefully persist.

Notions’ complex still unresolved.


Then and now and when encore.

Picked up paper. Picked up pen.

Turmoil rages. Thought’s explored.

Do such nightmares ever end?


Meandering words and idle musings full run.

Such rambling verbiage unable to defeat.

Then and now as well as when’s victory well won.

Subjugated retreat, finally, to sleep.