Symbol, Symbolum, Symbolus, Symbolon.

Hunter, Robert, 1920-1996; A Banner for Pwyll and Rhiannon

Robert Hunter, A banner for Pwyll and Rhiannon

Edwards, John Uzzell, 1937-2014; Bird Lives I

John Uzzell Edwards, Bird Lives 1


Mary Lloyd Jones, Study Petroglyphs


Goff James, Untitled


“It is through symbols that man consciously or unconsciously lives, works and has his being.”

Thomas Carlyle

The word “symbol” itself derives from the Latin symbolum, a symbol of faith, and symbolus, a sign of recognition, in turn from classical Greek συμβόλον symbolon, an object cut in half constituting a sign of recognition when reassembled.

The creative desire and the artisans’ power of expression is pandemic across the globe. Possessing varying influences that have regard of ethnological and geographical factors as well as societal development of different “civilization’s” cultures and ethnicities. Such influences can be archaic, academic or abstract.


Standing Bull, Greek Bronze, Archaic Period, c. 6th Century BC.


Raphael, 1509-10, School of Athens.


Kazimir Malevich, 1913, Black Square.

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